Mountains & Hike

Love to walk & always attracted by mountains! Some of the clicks glad to share with you below.

Pencil Sketch

Always been a fan of pencil strokes on a clean paper; & rarely in my life those strokes made a full piece of art. It will become more challenging with advancement of digital arts. In school days, I can remember that a 2B and a 4B pencil were my best friend but things changes over time. Mice became more attractive in recent time! Anyway don't ever hesitated to draw a line and walk through an idea when had to chance with strokes. Mostly nowadays get involved with a piece of art when get a chance convey my ideas through a science blog post. The piece of art given in this section expresses the human emotions through hand, drawn by me several years back. Though it's not much related to my subject, but it is visualized as a circle of expression humans often go through in their path of creativity.