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Hi, I am Ambar.

A Computational Biologist & Data Scientist 🖥🧬

My area of interest is to explore & decipher the codes of Molecular Biology 🧬. Explaining biology in a simpler way is a thing that I love very much. Always believed in translational research & commercialization of research ideas is my future goal 🏭. Telling stories from a data is a favourite area of mine. Beside research & data analytics I do food, music, gym & love to spend time with my family & friends. Have immense respect for a cup of Tea! ☕

Research Interests

Trained myself to become a Computational Biologist (Bioinformatician) to fulfil my interests towards understanding complexities in biological systems and deciphering macromolecular codes. Doing Bioinformatics since 2009 and till date have multiple international peer reviewed publications including one book chapter. I have keen interest in protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions. Visualizing biological sequences in form of small units (example. motifs) is a hobby for me. With recent advancement of next-generation sequencing techniques, data repositories, software & hardware facilities; I see OMICS big data analyses as an great opportunity of bioligical information mining. Another domain of research interest is inventing anti-pathogenic strategies using bioinformatics tools. In past, I spent time in teaching Bioinformatics to undergrad and postgrad students. I have experience in working with multiple research groups with researcher from diverse backgrounds (collaborative projects). Currently I work as data scientist/analyst (Stat tech-op) in Abbott, Ireland. If you are interested in my research, have a interesting meaningful idea and wants to collaborate don't hesitate to contact me. Please find my publications in this link.

What's New?

Coming Soon! Github Projects in the Domain of Protein and Peptide Biology.

Coming soon! A whole New Science Blog with Interesting Topics Covering Current Areas.

Coming soon! Interesting Graphical Illustrations Based on the Areas of Biological Sciences.

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